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Who Is The Coaching For?


This coaching is perfect for those who want to enjoy what they do. You’ll be acknowledged for your contributions to the world and you’ll discover a way to feel happy about your life…


This coaching is perfect for Managers who want to be recognised for their hard work and commitment. You’ll learn how to feel appreciated for your efforts…


This coaching is perfect for Directors who want to have a reputation as an effective leader. You’ll be able to get your team on your side and reduce recruitment costs…

Here's What Other People Are Saying...

“Pam brings challenge with compassion and charm seeing through the noise right to the heart of the issue. Her coaching approach means that the improvements you'll make will last and those she has supported will have developed their confidence and leadership skills. Pam is simply outstanding.”
Rachel E.
Local Authority Director
"The coaching is the most impactful that I have ever had, I am different, my staff and my family say I am different! I cannot thank you enough. You saved my life…"
June H.
General Manager
"I have never been coached before, and if this is what it is, I never want to do without it. I was helped in ways that I cannot describe unblocking my low self-belief resulting in actions that I have already started taking. My manager is very pleased but for me more important is that my family are pleased with the way I am relating to them. Thank you!"
Bernadette M
Planning & Development Manager
“It was a brilliant coaching conversation, and it really shone a light into the gloom I was experiencing, showing a path that was always there. I can only move along it slowly at the moment, but that’s ok. Thank you so much for listening to me and being so affirming and positive.”
Fran G.
Children Services Professional
“Because of your coaching I’ve started thinking I’m more worthy. My husband is so happy, he’s never seen me so excited about the help I’m getting. I’ve realised what I am good at! I don’t give compliments, but what you have managed to pull out of me in just a few sessions, I haven’t been able to pull it out of me my whole life. You should be running a school about this stuff. I mean it."
Andrea K-P.
Improvement & Development Professional
"I just had my coaching with Pam and I had to contact you to say it was the most inspiring meeting I have had since joining ...... 20 years ago! The conversation we had was invaluable and had a profound impact on me. I want it noted that this particular session will have the most positive impact on me and my career choices going forward.
Juliet P.
Client Support Professional

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